History of Norooz Minab Agro-industrial Co

Mr. Abdullah Jamali, along with his wife and other members of the family, started his activity in 1993 by processing tropical fruits –especially mango. This family-governed complex is currently operating with a legal entity with the title of “Norouz eMinab Agro- Industry Company” and ANAM trade name. Innovation and creating variety in products such as processing lemon, black carrot (local name: Gazar), Cordia (local name: Anbaouk), and other forms of tropical fruits such as jam, marmalade, sauce, pickles, etc. are among the main policies of the company that are going on through relying on specialized knowledge and technology by the research and development unit.

1993م    Formulating the idea of producing home/workshop made mango pickle by Mr. Abdullah Jamali and Mrs. TaiebehSamavi, the founders of Norouze Minab Agro- Industry Company.

2002   Obtaining hygiene code from Food and Drug Deputy of Hormozgan Province.

2003   Registering ANAM trade name in Company Registration Department, industrial ownership, and starting constructing a factory to produce ANAM products.

2005    Establishment of Norouz e Minab Agro- Industry Company.

2007   Producing in factoryof ANAM products for the first time.

2008   Obtaining the permission to produce mango pickle by Norouz e Minab Agro- Industry Company.

2009   Formulating factory standard of mangopickle in Hormozgan Industrial Research and Standard Department.

2015   Exploiting development plan and increasing production capacity.

2016   Registering national standard of mangopickle in cooperation with Industrial Research and Standard Department, Food and Drug Deputy, and Agricultural Organization of Hormozgan Province.